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NEWS for Antiprism:

Version 0.31
08-07-23 Adrian Rossiter <>
         New Programs
            obj2off: now uses companion .mtl file to transfer colors to off
            build: remove debian packging directory
            resource models: corrected std_rd, std_rt, std_re
            off2txt: change default for -d to -16, decimals only
            symmetry: missing Cs subgroup for Oh and Cv
            off2obj: corrected obj file format
            unitile2d: correct mobius strip at join
            canonical: won't change model which is already canonical at -l n
                       won't change model but will report statistics when -n 0

Version 0.30
10-01-23 Adrian Rossiter <>
         New Programs
            sweep_edges: sweep edges to make a surface
              -V, W coloring options added
              -F, -J convexity coloring added
              -Y to realign output
            off_color: add missing adjacent element colourings -f V, E
              and -e V
            wythoff: -C add vertex colouring, 'value' method removed, 'index'
               method colours by value. Add -m colormap option.
            conway: added element colorings -V n,s,u,d -E s,v,f,d and -F v
               added planarization options make_canonical, no planarization
               added special convexity colorings
            miller: added color options -V f,n
            stellate: added color options -V f,n
            off_color_radial: added -V color and option f
               added -E color and options e,f
            symmetro: added m3 built in color map for better number of sides
            off_normals: restored -t options to add element centers to normals
            johnson: updated j88-j90 formulas. documented other formulas
            uniform: substring search removed
            polygon: orientation changed for models 2 -s2, 2 -s4, 4, 5, 6, 8,
               construction changed for some models 5 -s3
            lat_grid: move to extra programs
            n_icons: added -b don't split bow-tie faces for twisting
               added -g make m2 longitudes (-M) invisible instead of deletion
               added -C color ... circuits with first two colors
               added -B compound part counts to -L listing options
               added -D to change d (of n/d) from default of 1
               -I: added circuit counting and comparison to theoretical values
                   added compound part calculations. hybrid compound part
                   calculations work for odd d but not yet for even d
               added -f C compound coloring with polygon
               removed -f a compound coloring by parts
            help: added alternate names and wenninger numbering sections
            build: minimum autoconf version changed to 0.69
            resource models: large geodesic duals corrected
            polygon: fix -L, make 1 -s2 when -a is used 
            planar/off_report: fixed winding counts algorithm

Version 0.29
01-11-21 Adrian Rossiter <>
         New Programs
            tetra59: generate the 59 tetrahedra with rational dihedral angles
            to_nfold: use base colours
            wythoff: allow any path
            off_color: -e nN colour edges by number of connected faces
            dome_layer: honeycomb connections
            unitile2d: surface closing
            wythoff: paths not starting with index

Version 0.28
13-02-21 Adrian Rossiter <>
         New Programs
            poly_form: rename from minmax, rename options, add -y
              for symmetry constraint, add -a e equal-edge algorithm
              and -a p planarisation
            to_nfold: add -x, -p to help with crossed models
            minmax: rename to poly_form
            repel: add -z for status reporting
            rotegrity: remove -T (old twist program output)
            col_util: add -w for control of color grid and (new) color bars
              -I can exclude map indexes from color grid
              -r cube as new default container in HSV/HSL mode
              -R to optionally show primary and secondary reference colors
              -U adds simple sorting of colors along with already unique sort
              -M default color system mode is now HSL
              -V verbose lists all winding numbers found in a model
              -n map entries is now calculated
              -M default color system mode is now HSL
            wythoff: new operators and new and changed operator sequences
              (see 'wythoff -c list'), extend colour by associated element
            conway: new format for conway operators with 2 numbers e.g L_n:r
              new operators added, B,E,G,W
              operators L, l and X may now take subscripts
              operator u, e and o may now take two subscripts
              base subscripts updated
              status reporting method update
              -p removed, plarization options, now done internally
              -O removed, pattern strings didn't add value
              -R removed, built in seed coloring didn't add value
              -m rainbow map entries calculated like rng
              -S, R, D coloring options added
              -O Output type convex hull added
              -c c circle packings, new algorithm added
              -C,-f new options for -c c
              -p p fast planarize added
              -p removed, (old p) face centroids and centroids magnitude
              -p removed, u make unit edge
              -x removed, normal types, since all normals are unit normals
              -r removed, initial radius, always nearpoints = 1
              -C removed, initial centering, always centered on edge nearpoints
              -A removed, alternate algorithm no longer needed
            build: compile with C++14
            usage helps reviewed and organized
            minor bug fixes and improvements
            major code review with fixes for potential issues

Version 0.27
01-10-20 Adrian Rossiter <>
            off_color: new -e jJ to colour by edge length
            zono: -P add spirallohedra, new -T translation product
            conway: g and s take a numeric parameter
            off2vrml: avoid duplicate PROTO statements
            minor bug fixes and improvements

Version 0.26
05-04-19 Adrian Rossiter <>
         New Programs
            rotegrity: make rotegrity and nexorade models
            mmop_origami: multimodular polyhedron origami models
            antiview: new keys 'u/U' change label size, 'M' planar
              face labels
            wythoff: new option -C for colouring by base elements
            conway: new options -C colouring method, -R colour seed
            geodesic, geo_m_n: change direction of pattern turn,
              so (m, n) is like previous (n, m)
            bravais: added inverse of f and i centering types
            n_icons: swap -J and -L option letters
            radial: renamed to off_color_radial
            twist: removed (use rotegrity -T -f)
            pol_recip: removed -r X (use wythoff -c d)
            sph_saff: removed (use antiprism_python)
            off2m,m2off: removed (Java applets no longer popular)
            minor bug fixes and improvements

Version 0.25.1
08-12-17 Adrian Rossiter <>
            build: issues affecting OSX, install all headers

Version 0.25
23-11-17 Adrian Rossiter <>
         New Programs
            stellate: polyhedron stellations (Roger Kaufman)
            miller: Miller's stellations of the icosahedron (Roger Kaufman)
            wythoff: Wythoff-style tilings on various surfaces
            kaleido: Legacy program ported to Antiprism (Roger Kaufman)
            radial: Color by symmetry radiating from axes (Roger Kaufman)
            poly_weave: moved to unsupported programs
            off2obj: added optional mtl file output
            canonical: works on more models and code reorganization
              added new planarization and display options
            conway: changed to use wythoff engine while keeping legacy
              code by George Hart. Enhancements and additional operators
              to original conway operators
            waterman: option to fill interior points
            off_util: removed -E
            pol_recip: dual vertices for very small faces
            poly_weave: input can be non-closed surface
            off_util: -u input can be non-closed surface, -T works with
              more models
            antiview: default handling of large models

Version 0.24.1
18-11-16 Adrian Rossiter <>
            symmetro: docs

Version 0.24
08-10-16 Adrian Rossiter <>
         New Programs
            to_nfold: change the rotational symmetry of a polyhedron
            symmetro: polyhedra with regular polygons at symmetry
              axes (Roger Kaufman)
            off2obj/obj2off: convert between OFF to Wavefront OBJ
              format (Roger Kaufman)
            off2dae: convert OFF to Collada (DAE) format
            off_util: process options in command line order,
              incorporate -b into -M, expand -D and add -K to keep
              elements (Roger Kaufman), expand documentation.
            minmax: new option -a u, make faces regular. Improve
            leonardo: orient models, new options -c centre, -p panel faces,
              -k don't orient
            zono: -P add nonconvex models, new option -S zonish polyhedra
            off_normals: options -t and -m removed
            off_color: new edge direction colourings -e ldD
            antiview: 'O' to show orientation, 't' includes 50%
            build: native Debian/Ubuntu package build, support FLTK GLUT
            off_util -u: natural unfolding for positive orientation
            off_align: fix crashes
            off2pov: fix compatibility with POV-Ray 3.7
            symmetry: fix missing subsyms
            minor bug fixes

Version 0.23
11-03-13 Adrian Rossiter <>
         New Programs
            iso_kite: isohedral kite-faced polyhedra
            Floating point arguments can be mathematical expressions
              (sqrt prefix changed to rt, e.g. rt5)
            off_util: merge preserves original element order
            off_query: report element colours
            off_color: GgCc colourings now use z-axis for height.
            polygon: new crown polyhdron types
            planar: -W takes a colouring argumant
            Symmetry: symmetry alignment should not realign an
              aligned polyhedron, element orbits ordered by lowest
              index number
            Resource models: Johnson models are symmetry aligned
              (append _raw for old alignment).
            Build: install directories do not include version number
            leonardo: -o outputs to file 
            Build: support 'configure --docdir' option, fix errors
              and warnings when building with clang

Version 0.22
22-10-12 Adrian Rossiter <>
         New Programs
            Resource models: element index numbers may have changed. 
            Uniform polyhedra (U models) calculated by formula
              rather than "kaleido" code (Roger Kaufman)
            Standard uniform models use new U models, many resource
               models may be prefixed by std_ (Roger Kaufman).
            New resource models: Wythoff construction (wythoff_ ),
               Schwarz triangle (schwarz_), regular polygon (pol)
            lat_util: -R takes extra blending option
            off_util: -b default is rgb
            planar: various option changes and new options
            Some Johnson polyhedra not connected correctly
            Some errors reading OFF files were not reported
            Finds OpenGL headers on OS X (untested)
            Portability of timing code
            Other small fixes.

Version 0.21
26-03-12 Adrian Rossiter <>
         New Programs
            off_normals: new program for working with normals (Roger
            leonardo: creates Leonardo da Vinci style models
            off_query: Vg for vertex figures (Vn for connections only)
            off_report: windings of vertex figures added, more
              connectivity information
            off_util: -O takes an argument, -t 'triangulate' is synonym
              for nonzero, abs_geq_two removed
            conv_hull: hulls are positively oriented. Better check for
               2D models in dimension-safe convex hull.
            antiview,off2pov,off2vrml: -t abs_geq_two removed
            Models: Coxeter, Wenninger and Kaleido numbers as alternative
              names for uniforms (Roger Kaufman).
            Some Johnson polyhedra not connected correctly
            waterman: not producing correct output
            Triangulation not applying winding rules to triangle faces
            planar: disallows creation of zero length edges
            Miscellaneous small fixes.

Version 0.20
13-02-12 Adrian Rossiter <>
         New Programs
           lat_util: new program for lattice utilities (by Roger
           col_util: new program for colour utilities, plots, blend
             (by Roger Kaufman)
           planar: new program for blending colours of overlapping
             coplanar polgons (by Roger Kaufman)
           poly_kscope: new options, -c colours a compound by part,
             -s use symmetries of another polyhedron, subgroup support,
             -Q report
           off_report: new options, -S s symmetry -C h hts, -C O orbits
           off_query: new query EC for edge centroids
           off_trans: new options -Y, -y symmetry alignment,
             rotate a pair of vectors onto another moved from -A to -R
           off_align: considerable option changes, -Ff select alignment
             from list, -y repeat brick symmetrically
           off_util: new optionis: -H for general help; -u to unfold a
              polyhedron net; -x V deletes free vertices; -D deletes
              elements; -A adds elements; -g strips colours and digons;
              -t new triangulations.
           off_color: options -m -M -c combined as option -m. Lower
             case colourings always set index, upper case colourings
             always apply colour map. Default colour map is 'rand'.
             New options -vef sS to colour elements by symmetry orbit,
             -f aA to colour by average internal angle,
             -f kK to colour sets of faces connected by face sides,
             -e Kk to colour sets of edges connected by edges,
             -vef M to convert colour indexes to values using map
             -U select elements to colour by colour type
             -I to convert colour values to indexes
           unipoly,johnson: programs removed, models are in resources
              see 'off_util -H uniform' and 'off_util -H johnson'
           polygon: many new models added, antiprism alignment changed
           geodesic: option reorganisation, remove base models
           bravais: option -R also fills and overlays with cubes
           iso_delta: new colouring options
           n_icons: fractional polygon models, colouring option
           pol_recip: default centre is centroid, new option -a
             appends dual to original geometry
           antiview,off2vrml,off2pov: new option -s to display
             symmetry elements, -I infinity distance default 1000
             -t triangulation options
           off2m: new option -x to exclude elements, -X removed
           minmax: new ellipsoid and superellipsoid surfaces, default
             algorithm is v
           poly_weave: use general weave patterns
           Resources: new colour map files and generatable maps,
             uniform and Johnson model files removed and are now
             internal unit-edged and coloured, new uniform
             compounds (by Roger Kaufman), uniform duals,
             general duals (appending _d), geodesic spheres,
             symmetry models
           Documentation: document library, add man pages, 
           All: --help and --version options. New shift, step,
             and wrap modifiers for reindexing colour maps
           lat_grid: origin is the default centre for -c s

Version 0.19.1
02-12-08 Adrian Rossiter <>
           build: will build with GCC 4.3
           off_color: -e p outputs colour index numbers

Version 0.19
28-11-08 Adrian Rossiter <>
         New Programs
           bravais: generates Bravais lattices, and their reciprocal
             lattices and Dirchlet regions (by Roger Kaufman)
           waterman: generates Waterman polyhedra (by Roger Kaufman)
           all: new colour name 'invisible' for hiding elements
           off_trans: all options are applied in the order they are
             given. -s Ee uses explicit edges if any are present,
             otherwise uses implicit edges. New option -S r to scale
             a polyhedron into a unit sphere. New transformation -a
             that makes particular angles between the mapped axes.
             New transformation -A that aligns two pairs of vectors
             or two sets of three points.
           lat_grid: HCP added
           packer: program removed
           off2eig: moved to extra programs
           geodesic: polyhedra with square faces no longer
             have invalid coordinates for some vertices.
           off_trans: -s prints an error message if there are no
             elements of the appropriate type. 
           minmax: initial placement of vertices working
           lat_grid: y and z coordinates not swapped
           antiview, off2pov: vertex number displays for a vertex at
             the centre
           antiview: no edge rods are "flipped"

Version 0.18.1
06-06-08 Adrian Rossiter <>
            build: corrected issues related to strict aliasing which
              caused some programs to crash in some situations when
              built with recent versions of GCC using default options

Version 0.18
23-05-08 Adrian Rossiter <>
         New Programs
            iso_delta: makes isohedral deltahedra (by Roger Kaufman)
            poly_kscope: alignment of T, O and I types to have 3-fold
              axis in direction of (1, 1, 1)
            lat_grid: added K_4 crystal and HCP diamond
            build: corrected issues related to strict aliasing which
              caused some programs to crash when built with recent
              versions of GCC using default options
            poly_kscope: Dvn and Sn work for all valid n
Version 0.17.1
14-01-08 Adrian Rossiter <>
            conway, off2m: compatible with amd64
            build: document build options needed with some versions,
              of GCC, and eliminate "deprecated conversion" warnings
            off_color: -e R works
            off_align: test reporting removed

Version 0.17
06-01-08 Adrian Rossiter <>
         New Programs
            conway: Conway Notation transformations (adapted from
              George Harts Javascript implemenation by Roger Kaufman)
            johnson: makes Johnson polyhedra
            all: index 0 is now treated as an ordinary index.
            off_color: -fev uses -1 to clear colours
            antiview: accepts -geometry argument when supported
            antiview, off2*: default centre is centroid if it allows a
              smaller container
            off_util: new option -T truncates a polyhedron
            off_align: align and bond by face index, option -p
              argument order changed
            canonical: various option changes, alternative
              canonicalization algorithm, new option to planarize
            polygon: make cupolas, orthobicupolas and gyrobicupolas
            off_query: reports nonplanarity of faces
            resources: added several scripts, two colour maps, uniform
              and Johnson polyhedra, polygon based polyhedra. Enabled
              alternative names for resource files
            pol_recip: centres C, M, have sensible default radius (E)
            off_util: -d accepts a negative integer
            off_query: no bogus warning when using -I
            antiview: -I works

Version 0.16
25-11-07 Adrian Rossiter <>
         New Programs
            n_icons: creates conicon-like polyhedra (by Roger Kaufman)
            off_color: new options -v F/E colours vertices average of
              adjoining face/edge colours. -e F now uses average. New
              option -M selects element types to apply colour map to.
              Option -m searches for installed colour map files. GIMP
              Palette and Fractint colour map file formats supported.
            all: colours given on the command line or in colour map
              files can be given using the X11 rgb.txt colour names
            unitile2d: new "shear" option -S
            antiview: new spin mode and reset command, new option -m
              to use a colour map
            antiview,off2pov,off2vrml,off2m: use bounding box rather
              than minimum enclosing ball for camera positioning
            pol_recip: centres v, V, a and A now work
            build: don't pass directory names to install without -d,
              check for X library and include paths for OpenGL (not
              in Cygwin)
            packer: typos in help text
            antiview,off2pov,off2vrml,off2m: avoid hangs when opening
              some OFF files

Version 0.15
22-08-07 Adrian Rossiter <>
         New Programs
            sph_saff: spirals points on a sphere using Saff and
              Kuijlaars' method
            sph_rings: rings of points on a sphere
            all: changes to edge handling have required code changes to
              nearly all the programs. Visible changes are listed below.
              The edge handling policy is described in the documentation
              in "Using Edges in Antiprism"
            off2*,antiview: option -E must be a colour ('d' is now
              automatic, 'f' moved to off_color -e F)
            off2pov: edge display type variable e_dtype, and associated
              POV macros removed from output
            off_util: element filtering, option -x replaces option -F
            off_color: -E selects edge type to colour, -e F colours
              edges with face colours
            off_report, off_query: -E selects edges for report
            all: add version information to program help text
            off2*,antiview: element colour 0,0,0,0 (shorthand 'x')
              is used to indicate that an element should not be
            geodesic: map coloured edges and vertices, triangulate base
            pol_recip: calculate default reciprocation centre and radius,
              colour the dual elements like the base elements
            antiview: fixed size element labels
            canonical: new option -C for initial centering
            off2eig: accept multiple files, new option to colour
            off2pov,off2vrml,antiview: calculation of default vertex
              sphere radius changed to 1/15 nearest pair, and
              calculation now ignores very close vertices. Geometry
              centre and width determined by minimum enclosing ball.
              Changes to option -t, triangulate by default, use
              GLU Tesselator when available.
            off2m: triangulate by default, default vertex and edge
              colours are the LG3D defaults
            off2vrml: option -n for vertex number labels.
            off_util: option -t to triangulate, when merging elements
              have colour from first found element to be merged
            build: choose OpenGLUT over standard GLUT in Windows. Remove
              old build system Makefiles
            build: library dependencies
            all: colour values in hex format don't corrupt argument list,
              orientation of polyhedra with >70000 faces
            off2vrml: centre polyhedron to have z coordinate of 0 to
              give correct rotation centre in FreeWRL
            m2off: preserve vertex colours

Version 0.14
20-06-07 Adrian Rossiter <>
         New Programs
            m2off: convert LiveGraphics3D 'm' format to OFF format
              (m2off written by Roger Kaufman)
            unitile2d: makes uniform tilings on a surface
            off2vrml: increase ambient light
            off2pov: new aspect ratio variable, redundant transparency
               variables removed
            off_color: option to map element colours to HSVA ranges
            off_util: files combined before processing, new option -l for
               merge distance, default value for -M, -M preserves
            canonical: default maximum iterations for -n is no limit
            w_shell: removed, replaced by the more general lat_grid
            model programs: many models now oriented in same direction
            build: Qhull source included, removes Qhull dependency,
               use autotools build system
            off_color: use colormap files, proper colouring of non-closed
            off2pov: output compatible with MegaPOV
            off2m: ensure external viewpoint, convert files with no faces
            off_util: -M merges files with no faces
Version 0.13
13-04-07 Adrian Rossiter <>
         New Programs
            off2vrml: converts OFF files to VRML
            off_report: reports on global measures (area, volume, etc),
              maxima and counts
            off_query: list element data for specified elements
            off_color: transparency options, lighting colouring effect
            antiview: use alpha value when displaying colours, element
              numbering, orthogonal view, display in right-handed
              coordinate system
            off2pov: use alpha value when displaying colours, display
              in right-handed coordinate system
            all programs: support alpha values, revert to writing
              colours to OFF files as decimals, write vertex colours
              using a one vertex face, ignore data after vertex
              coordinates, integer colours intended as decimal are
              read as decimal
            off_trans: relative scaling
            pol_recip: orientable duals are oriented
            off_util: -O flips orientation of oriented polyhedra,
              -D digon filter replaced by -F, a more general filter,
              -M merges coincident elements (-M by Roger Kaufman)
            zono: option -a removed, duplicate vectors are not dropped
            antiview: -R rotation

Version 0.12
26-02-07 Adrian Rossiter <>
         New Programs
            off2m: convert to 'm' format for display in LiveGraphics3D
              applet (off2m written by Roger Kaufman)
            off_color: edge colouring using digons
            off_util: digon filter, edges to faces, project onto sphere
            antiview: edge elements from digons, vertex and face
              colour options
            off2pov: edge elements from digons and faces, vertex and
              face colour options
            all programs: colour options accept several colour formats,
              write colours to OFF files as integers
            Read OFF files with colours which have an alpha value

Version 0.11
11-02-07 Adrian Rossiter <>
         New Programs
            repel: equilibrium positions of points repelling on a sphere
            canonical: canonicalization of polyhedra
            lat_grid: lattices and grids with integer coordinates
            off_trans: new option -X, general transformations
            off2pov: variables for transparency of elements
            model programs: model code separated from model programs
            Makefile: CYG=1 no longer sets option -mno-cygwin
            Read OFF files containing comments, correct whitespace
Version 0.10
21-11-06 Adrian Rossiter <>
         New Programs
            antiview: command line model viewer
            kcycle: kaleidocycle rings of polyhedra
            off_color: default colours and schemes, new colouring options
            unipoly: list by U numbers, rather than Kaleido numbers
            pol_recip: -c C to use centroid as centre
            various: minor changes to help text
            jitterbug: add edge counts to output
            poly_weave: error handling
            pol_recip: option r, specifying a radius with two points,
              using a centre with a face or edge radius.
            off_color: works in windows, error checking
            all: portable processing of numeric input

Version 0.09
10-09-06 Adrian Rossiter <>
         New Programs
            Antiprism instead of Packinon in code and documentation

Releases 0.01 - 0.08 made under the name of Packinon
Version 0.08
08-09-06 Adrian Rossiter <>
         New Programs
           jitterbug: jitterbug transformation
           off2crds: extract coordinates from OFF file
Version 0.07
03-09-06 Adrian Rossiter <>
         New Programs
           string_art: string figures
           poly_kscope: symmetry notation. Th and Td switched.
           pol_recip: make topological dual with face centroids
             for vertices
           minmax: new algorithm, and algorithm option
           all: read files with arbitrary line length
           all: error checking when reading integers
           geodesic: check for non-triangulated input, read from stdin.
Version 0.06
13-04-06 Adrian Rossiter <>
         New Programs
           poly_weave: converts a polyhedron to a weave
           off_trans: -S accepts a single scale factor
           geodesic: options changed and reduced 
           zono: options changed 
           off2pov: removed infinite recursion from default include files
             in multiple file output
           geodesic: correctly calculates faces for all input
           zono: efficiency related limitations on star size removed
Version 0.05
10-01-06 Adrian Rossiter <>
           off2pov: output file made consistent and documented
           geodesic: orients output
           Debugging messages removed from some progams
           Various bug fixes.

Version 0.04
16-12-05 Adrian Rossiter <>
         New Programs
           off_util: merging, orientation, precision, skeleton
           off2pov: new options and more flexible output
           pol_recip: more useful radius options, handling
             of infinite vertices
           off_merge: functionality merged into off_util
           polygon: better sizing options, added self-intersecting
             polygon bases
           Error message for missing options for all programs
           off2pov: stereo setting, error writing values in Windows.
           Various bug fixes.

Version 0.03
14-06-05 Adrian Rossiter <>
         First beta release of packinon programs.
         Changes to all programs. Code factoring, improved error
         checking and message text, consistent program behaviour.
         Numerous bug fixes. Enhancements to packer and off_trans.
         Expanded documentation.

Version 0.02
24-05-05 Adrian Rossiter <>
         New programs - off_trans, off_align, poly_kscope
         options changes in off2pov
         Various bug fixes

Version 0.01
15-02-05 Adrian Rossiter <>
         First release of packinon programs

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