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Description : Make the dual of a polyhedron with faces going through the reciprocation centre. The face becomes an ideal vertex 'at infinity'. The default display shows that the vertex can lie either side of the original face by connecting to it in both directions. This is simulated with two vertices and the model is not a topological dual, it is for display purposes only. It is not possible to place vertices at infinity, so a distance is used that helps with display. This distance can be overriden with option -I. The example shows the dual of an octahemioctahedron, with the 'infinity' distance set to 100000, which helps draw the ray-traced image correctly but is not needed for display with antiview.

View this model with the command

pol_recip -I 100000 u_octahemioctahedron | antiview
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dual_hemi_inf1.jpg  54KB JPEG image, 800 x 600 pixels
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