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lat_util - lattice utilities

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Usage: lat_util [options] [input_files]

Read one or more files in OFF format, combine them into a single file and
process it. Operations take place in the order listed below. input_files is the
list of files to process. If they don't exist, explicit edges are created.
If the input possesses faces they are stripped by default.

  -h,--help this help message (run 'off_util -H help' for general help)
  --version version information
  -I        verbose output
  -l <lim>  minimum distance for unique vertex locations as negative exponent
               (default: 12 giving 1e-12)
  -o <file> write output to file (default: write to standard output)

Scene Options
  -z        suppress stripping of faces
  -c <type> container, c - cube (default), s - sphere (uses radius)
  -k <file> container, convex hull of off file or built in model (uses radius)
  -r <c,n>  radius. c is radius taken to optional root n. n = 2 is sqrt
               or  l - max insphere radius, s - min insphere radius (default)
               or  k - take radius from container specified by -k
  -q <xyz>  center offset, three comma separated coordinates, 0 for origin
  -s <s,n>  create struts. s is strut length taken to optional root n
               use multiple -s parameters for multiple struts
  -D <opt>  Voronoi (a.k.a Dirichlet) cells (Brillouin zones for duals)
               c - cells only, i - cell(s) touching center only
  -C <opt>  c - convex hull only, i - keep interior
  -A        append the original lattice to the final product
  -R <fi,s> repeat off file fi at every vertex in lattice. If optional s is
            set, sort and merge elements whose coordinates are the same to
            the number of decimal places given by option -l.  elements can
            include: v - vertices, e - edges, f - faces,  a - all (vef)
            n - no merging  (default 'a'. Colors blended as RGB)
  -K        append cage of container of -k to final product
  -Z <col>  add center vertex to final product in color col
  -O        translate center of final product to origin

Listing Options
  -Q <vecs> center for radius calculations in -L (default: centroid)
               c - original center, o - original center + offset in -q
  -L <opt>  list unique radial distances of points (to standard output)
               f - full report, v - values only
  -S <opt>  list every possible strut value (to standard output)
               f - full report, v - values only

Coloring Options (run 'off_util -H color' for help on color formats)
  -V <col>  vertex color, (optional) transparency, (optional) elements
               transparency: valid range from 0 (invisible) to 255 (opaque)
               elements to color are l - lattice, c - convex hull, v - voronoi
                  (default elements: lcv)
               Note: input element colors from -R input are not changed
  -E <col>  edge color (same format as for vertices) or
               keyword: r,R for color edges by root value of final product
               lower case outputs map indexes. upper case outputs color values
  -F <col>  face color (same format as for vertices) or
               keyword: s,S color by symmetry using face normals
               keyword: c,C color by symmetry using face normals (chiral)
  -T <tran> face transparency for color by symmetry. valid range from 0 to 255


Repeat a cube in a chequerboard pattern
lat_grid fcc 3 | lat_util -R cube | antiview

Include points of a grid that are inside a truncated octahedron. Include the cage of the truncated octahedron. Add struts of 2. Make a convex hull of the included points and keep the interior points. Color the convex hull symetrically and make transparent.
lat_grid fcc 3 | lat_util -s 2 -k tr_oct -K -C i -F S -T 128 | antiview


lat_util was written by Roger Kaufman.

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