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UNSUPPORTED: m2off - convert a LiveGraphics3D 'm' file to OFF format

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Usage: m2off [options] [input_file]

Convert files in 'm' format, used by LiveGraphics3D, to OFF format. If
input_file is not given the program reads from standard input.

  -h,--help this help message (run 'off_util -H help' for general help)
  --version version information
  -x <elms> hide elements. The element string can include v, e and f
               to hide, respectively, vertices, edges and faces
  -l <lim>  minimum distance for unique vertex locations as negative exponent
               (default: 12 giving 1e-12)
  -b        use back face colors instead of front ones, if available
  -o <file> write output to file (default: write to standard output)

Scene Options
  -v        turn model to LiveGraphics3D viewpoint
  -C <file> dump color lights into OFF file


Create a .m file with LiveGraphics3D colouring to use as an example
off_util snub_dodecahedron | off2m -t 0 -l > snub_dod.m

Convert a LiveGraphics3D model to OFF format
m2off snub_dod.m >

Convert a LiveGraphics3D model to OFF format, colouring it similarly to the way LiveGraphics3D does, and view it
m2off -C snub_dod.m | off_color -f L -l | antiview

The next two examples use models from the Color Volumes page, which is one the LiveGraphics3D Examples pages

Convert a vertex only .m file, and view it

m2off color_cylinder.m | antiview -v 0.14

Show back face colors and start with the same viewpoint that LiveGraphics3D does
m2off -b -v color_cube.m | antiview


The 'm' format is used by LiveGraphics3D .

If faces in the .m file are displayed using LiveGraphics3D lighting it is possible that they may not also have particular colours assigned to them. In this case the colour used in the OFF file will be inherited from another element. It is likely that this will not be what is wanted, in which case the faces can be recoloured using off_color.

Please, report any difficulties in converting .m files.

m2off was written by Roger Kaufman.

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