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poly_kscope - polyhedral kaleidoscope

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Usage: poly_kscope [options] [input_file]

A polyhedral kaleidoscope. Read a file in OFF format and repeat it
in a symmetric arrangement like a kaleidoscope. If input_file is
not given the program reads from standard input.

  -h,--help this help message (run 'off_util -H help' for general help)
  --version version information
  -s <sym>  (required) symmetry type for kaleidoscope, up to three comma
            separated parts: main symmetry (Schoenflies notation) or file name,
            subgroup (Schoenflies notation), and conjugation type (integer)
  -y <arg>  make a compound by aligning the component to match a subsymmetry
            with the kaleidoscope. Argument is either 'list' (to print the
            list of the compounds to standard output) or a number from the
            list optionally followed by a comma and realignment (colon
            separated list of an integer then decimal numbers)
  -c <elms> color elements with a different index number for each part. The
            element string can include v, e and f to color, respectively,
            vertices, edges and faces
  -m <maps> a comma separated list of colour maps used to transform colour
            indexes (default: rand), a part consisting of letters from
            v, e, f, selects the element types to apply the map list to
            (default 'vef'). The 'compound' map should give useful results.
  -I        ignore shared symmetries, full kaleidoscopic repetition of
  -Q        print information about compound
  -o <file> write output to file (default: write to standard output)


See also, poly_kscope examples with images.

Icosahedral arrangement of 60 cubes

poly_kscope -s I -o


off_trans can be used to position the polyhedron before passing it to poly_kscope

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