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Notes for Antiprism 0.31

Minor release with bug fixes and small improvements. Changes by Roger
Kaufman and Adrian Rossiter. See the NEWS file for more details.

Please look out for bugs and other issues, and report them on the
Antiprism discussion group


Adrian Rossiter <>


Antiprism is a collection of programs for generating, manipulating,
transforming and viewing polyhedra

This is a beta release. The programs have not had wide use
and probably contain a number of bugs. Please let me know
if you come across any bugs, or anything not working as

Antiprism is available as source code

Ubuntu packages

Windows 64-bit and 32-bit installers

In Windows, the DOS Box started from the Antiprism Shell menu
item is configured and ready to run the Antiprism programs.

If required, the ANTIPRISM_DATA environment variable may be
set to the path of the 'data' directory in the install directory.


These are instructions for building from a source tarball (see
README.git for building fron the Antiprism Git Repository). They
are not needed to run the Windows executables.

Antiprism uses the Autotools build system. The programs can be
built with


and installed with

   sudo make install-strip

See the INSTALL file for more details.

If there are errors relating to shared libraries when the
installed programs are run, it may be necessary to run

   sudo ldconfig

The Antiview viewer depends on GLUT. A GLUT package suitable for
developing against must be installed in order to build Antiview,
otherwise the build and install will not include this program.

On a Debian-based system you could install Freeglut

   sudo apt-get install freeglut3-dev

If building against a locally installed GLUT package, ensure that
the headers are in a GL subdirectory. If building against OpenGLUT
or Freeglut but using their own names for headers and libraries
(rather than the usual GLUT names) run configure with --with-openglut
or --with-freeglut. To build against FLTK with GLUT compatibility, run
configure with --with-fltkglut.

For a non-X version of Antiview (only tested on a system without
X development packages installed), first build and install Freeglut
from source, then set LDFLAGS="-L/usr/local/lib" when running the
Antiprism configure script. For an X version of Antiview, install
the X development packages and run configure with "--with-x=yes".
It should be possible to build native Windows binaries by cross-
compiling using the tools provided by Cygwin, otherwise, use the
MSYS build environment.

Mac OS X
Run configure with "--with-x=no".

Git Code Repository

The Git repository contains the latest development code

See README.git for further details.

Note to Developers

README.git contains information for developers.

All the Antiprism source code is supplied under a permissive licence.

The aim of using permissive licensing is to promote the development of
new polyhedron software by making it convenient to reuse the Antiprism
source code in other projects.

Please, support this aim. If you incorporate Antiprism source code
into your own project and make any improvements that could reasonably
be incorporated back into the Antiprism project, like bug fixes,
optimisations or new features, then please contribute your changes
for inclusion back into Antiprism under a permissive (preferably
MIT) licence.

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